Bicycle Improvement Projects

Completed Bicycle Improvement Projects

2007: Increased Bicycle Lanes
Added designated bicycle lanes on Blossom Hill Road, between University Avenue and Roberts Road, to complete bicycle route, during adjacent sidewalk installation project. (Funded with Town General Funds)

2006: Increased Bicycle Lanes
Added designated bicycle lanes on Los Gatos Almaden Road as a component of the resurfacing project.

2005: Bicycle Incentive Program.
Issued rewards (incentives) to new bicyclists to ride their bicycles instead of drive their car for short & long-distance trips. One year project.
(Funded with Regional TFCA funds)

2003: Bicycle Facilities
Over 100 bicycle racks were installed in an effort to increase bicycle facilities town-wide.
(Funded with TFCA funds)

Current Bicycle Improvement Projects

Highway 9 Safety Improvements
Phase One- Bicycle Improvements
(Funded with Regional Bicycle Pedestrian Improvement Grant funds, and matching grant funds from Cities of Monte Sereno, Saratoga and Los Gatos).

Wedgewood Avenue Improvements
As part of the storm drain improvement project to this neighborhood, the street improvements include the addition of designated bicycle lane.

Future Bicycle Improvement Projects
LG Creek Trail Connection at Highway 9
Project will add a connecting ramp from the Los Gatos Creek Trail to Highway 9 at University Avenue, to increase access and safety for bicyclists and pedestrians.
(Funding not secured, yet).