Veterans Memorial

"The Flame of Liberty"
Artist: Frank Kocian Morris
Statement for “The Flame of Liberty”:
The centerpiece of this memorial would be a sculpture of an eternal flame, which was inspired by the flame in the Statue of Liberty. The shape is essentially a taller, thinner version, and softened to blend well with the surrounding of the Los Gatos park. The Flame Sculture would be 12 feet tall, and made of a thin, steel wire frame. The sections within the wire frame, would be filled with thick, but transparent, champagne-colored, antique glass, similar in style to a stained-glass window structure. This is not a thin and delicate glass. It is a thick, hand-poured glass like an old Coke bottle. Additionally, each section of glass is sandwiched together with a separate, outer layer of tough, poly-carbonate clear plastic, that covers and protects the glass from damage and vandalism. 

The inside of this flame Sculpture is open, like the inside of a lantern. Nestled inside the flame shape... and not so visible at first... would be a second, smaller bronze sculpture of a “Soldier’s Cross.” This helmet resting on an inverted rifle has come to represent the service and sacrifice of America’s Veterans. The whole flame sculpture would be lit from the inside at the bottom, with ring of softly glowing amber lights at the base that is surrounding the bottom of the soldiers cross. Additionally, it may be possible to have an actual eternal flame at the base of the soldier’s cross.

Click here to view the concept video for “The Flame of Liberty”

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For more information, please contact: Shelayne Hammack, Interim Assistant to the Town Manager at or (408) 354-6822.