Ad Hoc Citizens Advisory Committee (Dissolved June 21, 2016)

This Committee was created to explore long range funding options and consisted of two Council members and three Town residents.

Agendas and Minutes

On May 31, 2016, the Town Council Ad Hoc Citizen Committee reviewed a slide presentation which summarized the results of a recent, independent survey of Los Gatos voters regarding potential revenue measure(s) that could provide dedicated funding for Town services and facilities.  The Town commissioned Godbe Research, a well-respected and experienced opinion research firm, to conduct the survey.

The survey found that a general purpose, half-cent sales tax with a 25-year sunset for the November 2016 ballot is viable.  A quarter-cent sales tax is also feasible.  An utility user tax for the November 2016 ballot is not viable.  Over 75% of respondents have a favorable opinion of the job the Town is doing to provide public services to the community.  The residents’ strongest priorities are repairing roads, improving traffic flow, maintaining 9-1-1 response times, and repairing aging storm drains. 

The Committee recommended to the Town Council that it place a general purpose, half-cent sales tax with a 25-year sunset on the November 2016 ballot.  The Committee also discussed accountability measures to ensure that, if passed, funds would be spent on needed capital improvement projects.  

The Council chose not to pursue this recommendation.  Instead, the Council placed a proposed 2% increase of the Town's Transient Occupancy Tax on the November 2016 ballot.