Almond Grove Phase II

This page has been created to provide regular updates to the residents about the progress of the Phase II of Almond Grove Street Rehabilitation Project. Phase II includes the rehabilitation of 8 remaining streets of Almond Grove - Tait, Bayview, Glen Ridge, Almendra, Wilder, Bean, Massol, and Nicholson.

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Any questions regarding the project design can be referred to the Town Engineer, Lisa Petersen, at (408) 399-5773 or

A list of Frequently Asked Questions regarding this project can be found in the following link:
Almond Grove Phase II Project FAQs

Update posted 1/19/18
Work on the Almond Grove Phase 2 project continues to be on hold due to weather.

Questions regarding the project should be sent to the Town’s Project Managers, Kevin Selfridge, at (408) 827-3549, or Michelle Quinney, at (408) 827-3552.

Tait Avenue – between Nicholson and Bachman
  • Stump grinding for trees recently removed
  • Sawcutting for removal of curb, gutter, sidewalk
  • Implementation of one-lane one way northbound only traffic pattern
  • Implementation of temporary 24 hour permit parking only
  • Begin removal and replacement of curb, gutter, sidewalk on west side of block
Tait Avenue – between Bean and Nicholson
  • Work on minor corrective actions – punch list
Bayview Avenue
  • Continue work on minor corrective actions – punch list
Glen Ridge – between Hernandez and Bachman
  • Continue work on minor corrective actions – punch list

Update posted 1/3/18
The project is currently on hold due to forecasted rains and will be hit and miss on progress through the winter.  As soon as the weather forecast shows a clearing, Vanguard Construction will continue with the removal and replacement of curbs, gutters, sidewalks, and street trees on Tait Avenue between Nicholson and Bachman Avenues.  This work will continue, weather permitting, throughout the winter months.    

Street tree removals and sawcutting of the curb, gutter, and sidewalk on the west side of the block, were anticipated to begin on Monday, January 8th, however this work also may need to be rescheduled due to weather.  When these operations are able to continue, temporary “No Parking” signs will be posted in advance to allow for the work to proceed.  For safety, the tree removal process may also require temporary and intermittent complete street closures depending on the size of trees being removed.  Crews will work diligently to keep any complete street closures to a minimum.  

Prior to the removal and replacement of the curbs, gutters, and sidewalks, vehicular traffic patterns for this block of Tait Avenue will be modified to accommodate one lane, one way northbound vehicular traffic only.   This is the same process that has been used on all other blocks in the Almond Grove Street Reconstruction project. 

Temporary 24 hour permit parking only will also be implemented on this block of Tait Avenue.  Residents on Tait who would like to obtain a temporary Almond Grove Parking permit should contact Jackie Rose, Police Department Community Outreach Coordinator, at or by phone at 1-408-354-6853.  

As a reminder, work on Tait Avenue during the upcoming winter months will involve only the removal and replacement of curbs, gutters, sidewalks, street trees, and other minor work associated with those elements of the street reconstruction project.  The actual roadway removal and replacement for Tait Avenue will not be scheduled until after the rainy season which is anticipated to be in the late spring or early summer.   The work on the curbs, gutters, sidewalks on Tait Avenue will proceed on a block by block basis toward Highway 9 with work being scheduled based on upcoming weather forecasts.  Residents whose frontage will be affected by the construction work will be given advanced notice of the upcoming construction work once it has been scheduled.  Motorists and pedestrians are encouraged to find alternate routes through the neighborhood to avoid the construction area.  


Almond Grove Street Reconstruction Phase II - Plans & Specifications

Please note that the Plans and Specifications shown below are for information only and should not be used for bidding purposes.

A request for proposals (RFP) for the materials testing component of the Almond Grove Phase II project was released on February 28th.  All information pertaining to the RFP can be found at 

To stay informed of the latest updates regarding the project, visit the Town’s website at and subscribe to the “Notify Me” service on the left hand side of the project page.  Any questions regarding the project design can be referred to the Town Engineer, Lisa Petersen, at (408) 399-5773 or