Almond Grove Phase II


Almond Grove Street Reconstruction Phase II - Plans & Specifications

Please note that the Plans and Specifications shown below are for information only and should not be used for bidding purposes.

A request for proposals (RFP) for the materials testing component of the Almond Grove Phase II project was released on February 28th.  All information pertaining to the RFP can be found at 

To stay informed of the latest updates regarding the project, visit the Town’s website at and subscribe to the “Notify Me” service on the left hand side of the project page.  Any questions regarding the project design can be referred to the Town Engineer, Lisa Petersen, at (408) 399-5773 or
Update posted 5/22/17 - 
Following Council 's award of the Almond Grove Phase II project to Vanguard construction on April 18th, staff has been coordinating with Vanguard regarding the project schedule and an upcoming community meeting. Vanguard has been allocated three construction seasons to complete the reconstruction work on all remaining eight streets, beginning in the spring of 2017 with a target date for completion of all streets by late 2019. The streets anticipated to be reconstructed in 2017 are Bayview Avenue, Glen Ridge Avenue (between Hernandez Avenue and Bachman Avenue), and Tait Avenue. Construction is expected to start on Bayview in mid-June, move to Glen Ridge, and finish up on Tait in the fall of 2017. This is an ambitious list and staff will be monitoring progress and working with the contractor to achieve this goal.
A community meeting for the residents and property owners along Bayview, Glen Ridge, and Tait has been scheduled for Thursday, June 1, 2017 beginning at 6 p.m. in the Town Council Chambers. Topics to be discussed at the meeting include the general construction process and schedule, property/street access, parking, and other construction issues for these streets.

Similar to Broadway and Bachman the following construction processes will be in place:
  • Residents will be notified of the community meeting and start of construction through letters, door hangers, and the Town Almond Grove webpage.
  • Streets will be signed for local traffic only during construction.
  • Only residents will be allowed to park on the streets during construction through a specialized permitting process.
  • Trees identified through notifications and public/Council meetings for replacement will be posted ten days in advance of removal.
  • Residents will be provided updates through the Almond Grove webpage and encouraged to sign up for "Notify Me" for instant web updates
In contrast to Broadway and Bachman, it is anticipated that construction will be occurring on two streets at the same time during the 2017 construction period as the pavement on one street will be removed and replaced while the curb, gutter, and sidewalks are being removed and replaced on another street.  Vanguard will be utilizing this method to expedite reconstruction of the streets.

Although it is Vanguard 's intention to complete all three streets during the 2017 construction season, unanticipated construction delays could stall full completion of Tait Avenue until 2018.  Residents affected by any delay in the project construction will be notified immediately of any construction delays and rescheduling.  The scheduling of the remaining streets over the following two construction seasons (2018 and 2019) has yet to be determined as utility maintenance and upgrades are currently being designed by PG&E and San Jose Water Company on portions of the remaining streets.  This utility work will need to be completed prior to the final scheduling of the roadway reconstruction on the remaining streets. It is anticipated the utility upgrade work will be completed by 2018.

Residents with comments or concerns regarding the project should contact the Town's Construction Project Manager, Michelle Quinney at (408) 827-3552 or Town Engineer Petersen at (408) 399-5773.

Update posted 4/14/17 -
Staff received bids for the Almond Grove Phase II Reconstruction Project and will be requesting award of the project to the lowest responsive bidder, FBD Vanguard Construction, at the Tuesday, April 18th Council meeting.  To view the associated Council Report and project bid results go to

Update -
Design Update on Almond Grove Phase II - Remaining 8 streets  
The design of the remaining eight concrete Almond Grove streets, which include Tait, Bayview, Glen Ridge, Almendra, Wilder, Bean, Massol, and Nicholson, is now complete. PPW staff will be requesting the Town Council to authorize bidding of the Almond Grove Phase II project on February, 21 2017.  Once bids are received, it is anticipated staff will return to Town Council on April 18, 2017 to request Council award the project to the lowest responsible bidder.
Update posted 1/24/17 - 
For Residents on Tait, Bayview, Glen Ridge, Almendra, Wilder, Bean, Massol, and Nicholson:

The Town of Los Gatos is planning a street reconstruction project in the Almond Grove District for the above streets, with the first phase starting this summer and completion of all streets expected by the end of 2019.  The project consists of reconstructing the concrete streets, curbs and gutters, driveway approaches, and some sidewalk replacements.
If you are contemplating any work on your house that requires an upgrade to the utilities in the street, ie: larger water service, gas service or sewer lateral upgrade, we request that this work be performed prior to the start of the project.  The Town will provide a waiver for the Encroachment Permit fee, and permanent pavement will not be required in the street area (temporary asphalt will be acceptable).  This will be a significant cost benefit to the homeowner.  Please complete this work by June 1, 2017.
If you have any questions, please contact Admas Zewdie at (408) 827-3553, Monday thru Wednesday, 8:30 am to 5 pm, or email him at or contact Suyesh Shrestha at (408) 395-1437 or at