Los Gatos Shines

Logo.jpg Volunteer Community Clean-up Program
People are answering recent calls to service and looking for different ways to lend a hand in their community.   We invite you to pitch in, pick up, and help to make Los Gatos Shine!

The Los Gatos Shines program makes volunteering easier than ever for your family, your business, your civic group, your school club, or scout troop.  The Town of Los Gatos has various areas throughout Town that would benefit from community volunteer efforts.

Residents can simply choose an area where they would like to assist with trash pickup, trail maintenance, or various clean-up efforts throughout Town. Volunteer projects can be scheduled through the Community Outreach Coordinator, Monday – Thursday, between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 3:30 p.m.  The Town will provide trash bags with the Los Gatos Shines logo, vests (on loan) and trash grabbers (on loan.)  The collected trash can be returned to the Parks and Public Works Department or left at a nearby Town maintained trash receptacle.

Participants should contact the Community Outreach Coordinator to organize a clean-up project.

Please note that the Los Gatos Shines Program may not be valid for court-mandated community service. 

For more information or to organize a project, please contact, Jackie Rose.  

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