School Bus Feasibility Study

The Town of Los Gatos, in partnership with local public and private schools, wishes to explore the feasibility of a school bus service, with the primary goal of reducing traffic congestion near schools. Primary considerations include:

Each school bus can remove 36 vehicles from the road.
Neighborhood based pickup and drop-off balancing user fees with local transportation funds.
Ensuring parents are comfortable with all aspects of the proposed service.

Who is involved-
The Town of Los Gatos is the lead, independent of the schools.  
Stakeholders are key.  The growing list of stakeholders include LGUSD, LGSUHSD, SR2S, Home and School Clubs, Hillbrook School, and many others.

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Update posted 4/9/18 -

Survey 2 was closed on April 8. Currently the Study Team is working on data analysis from the survey and the results will be posted when available.

 A summary of feedback from the Focus Group Design Charrette is available here

The School Bus Feasibility Study team has successfully completed the first parent survey.  The survey report is available here.

Feasibility Study Implementation and Major Milestones

Task & Activity Schedule
Initiation and Outreach  
Project Kick-Off October 2017
Early outreach November – December 2017
Messaging for study and survey 1 December 2017 - Mid-January 2018
Demand Assessment  
Survey 1: brief and for all students January 16 – 31, 2018
Data Analysis December 2017 - Mid-January 2018
Survey 2: focused and in-depth February - March 2018
Service Development  
Develop service plan February - March 2018
Refine service plan for best potential routes March - April 2018
Cost estimate and funding options April 2018
Recommendations End of April 2018
Pilot Service January 2019
Year 1 Service School year 2019-20
Full Service Starting School year 2020-21

In the fall the Town selected School Bus Consultants (SBC) to prepare a Feasibility Study. Town staff has begun the early outreach activities, by introducing the idea, collecting feedback, and enlisting key stakeholders to start the conversation in the community. 

We will provide regular updates on the progress on this webpage and the Town’s social media platforms.

Do you want to get updates on this study? Do you have questions for staff and the consultant team? Please send us an email at We look forward to hearing from you!