Bicycle and Pedestrian Improvements Project

This page has been created to provide regular updates to the residents about the progress of the Bicycle and Pedestrian Improvement Project on Blossom Hill Road (BHR). The project includes installation of Class I and Class IV protected bicycle lanes on Blossom Hill Road from Roberts Road East to Los Gatos Boulevard, lane and parking changes and striping changes in front of Fisher Middle School.

This project page will be updated as new information becomes available. The Town encourages interested parties to subscribe to the “NOTIFY ME” service located on the left hand side of this page in order to be notified immediately each time the project page is updated.  Notifications can be received both through e-mail and text messages.

November 8th Meeting Notice

Update 12/14/18 - 

The request for approval of the Blossom Hill Road Bicycle and Pedestrian Improvement project is included on the Town Council’s agenda for December 18, 2018. The meeting starts at 7:00 p.m. and will take place in the Town Council Chambers located at 110 E. Main Street. The Council will vote on approval of the project plans and specifications and authorization to bid the project. Due to the extensive outreach to the public on this project and the high level of support expressed by the public, this agenda item is on the Council’s Consent Calendar. Agenda items that are anticipated to be approved by the Council and are non-controversial are normally placed on the Council’s Consent Calendar. Consent Calendar items are typically not discussed and are approved by the Council in one motion, unless the item is pulled for discussion by a Council member or a member of the public. Should Council approve the project as part of the Consent Calendar, the following is the anticipated project schedule.

Project BiddingJanuary 24, 2019
Construction Contract AwardMarch 2019
Construction StartJune 2019
Construction CompleteAugust 2019

The staff memo to the Council requesting the approval can be found here. Residents with questions regarding the project can contact the Assistant Parks & Public Works Director/Town Engineer, Lisa Petersen, at (408) 399-5773.

Update 11/16/18 -

BPAC Special Meeting on the BHR Bicycle and Pedestrian Improvement Project

The BPAC held a special meeting on November 8, 2018 to discuss the design for the upcoming Blossom Hill Road Bicycle and Pedestrian Improvement Project. Residents living within 300 feet of the project limits were mailed letters regarding the meeting. In addition, information about the meeting was provided in the Los Gatos Unified School District’s newsletter, on Nextdoor, on the Town What’s New website and on the project webpage. The meeting was attended by five BPAC members and eight members of the public. During the meeting, the BPAC Chairperson gave a summary of the project’s background noting its origin in the Town’s Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan and its top position on the BPAC’s project priority list, which was approved by the Town Council in 2017.

Staff gave a PowerPoint presentation that provided key details on the conceptual design. This included a discussion on the new westbound right turn lane onto Roberts Road East, the new Class I (widened sidewalk) bike lane at this same location, and the new Class IV (barrier) bike lanes from Roberts Road East to just west of Los Gatos Boulevard. Additionally, staff talked about parking changes for the project that require removal of approximately ten parking spaces (out of 29) on Blossom Hill Road for bicycle safety and to obtain the needed roadway width. Staff noted the exact number of spaces removed will be determined during the final design of the project. Staff also discussed the relocation of the westbound lane merge point on Blossom Hill Road from just west of Roberts Road East to just east of Oak Rim Way. Staff stated this merge had previously been tested successfully with a pilot project on May 30, 2018.

Following the presentation, members of the public were given an opportunity to make comments or ask questions. Residents in attendance were excited and supportive of the project. Questions from the public revolved mainly around project logistics such as public education, maintenance, and project funding. The PowerPoint presentation provided at the meeting and proposed project layout are included on the project webpage.

Residents are encouraged to sign up on the Notify Me option on this webpage to obtain project information during the course of the project.