Highway 17 Bicycle & Pedestrian Overcrossing

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Project Update

After many months of intensive design and analysis, the project team is ready to share with you the findings and recommendations. The Feasibility Study identifies and recommends the following key design elements: 

  • A separate bridge structure for bicyclists and pedestrians  
  • Preferred alignment south of Blossom Hill Road Bridge 
  • Bridge width between 16 and 20 feet 
  • Three bridge type options for further evaluation: concrete, steel truss, and steel arch 

Please view the Project Video to hear what people say about this project! 

Click here to view the design concept of the Bicycle & Pedestrian Overcrossing

Draft Highway 17 Bicycle and Pedestrian Overcrossing Feasibility Study

Community Engagement Activities Report

Project Background

The Town of Los Gatos is preparing a Feasibility Study to evaluate options to improve safety and connections for bicyclists and pedestrians crossing Highway 17 near Blossom Hill Road. This phase of the project will evaluate three alignment alternatives and provide conceptual design of these alternatives. The Town is actively pursuing funding for the final design and construction of the preferred alternative.

Project Goals

  • Improve bicycle and pedestrian safety and comfort across Highway 17
  • Improve safe biking and walking routes to school
  • Promote more biking and walking trips

Alignment Alternatives Under Evaluation

  • Alternative 1 – A new bicycle and pedestrian bridge connecting to Nino Avenue
  • Alternative 2 – A separate bicycle and pedestrian bridge along Blossom Hill Road
  • Alternative 3 – Widening the existing Blossom Hill Road Bridge for bicyclists and pedestrians

BHR Overview Map

Project Timeline


To view the project timeline in a larger format, please click here.

Project Milestones and Schedule 

Milestone  Schedule 
 Design Consultant RFP  June 2019 
Preliminary Evaluation  January - March 2020 
Outreach Round 1 - Initial Screening February 2020 
Survey Report  February - August 2020
Town Council confirmed two alternatives  March 3 2020 
Measure B Grant Awarded   June 2020 
Progress Report to Complete Streets and Transportation Commission  July 9 2020 
Introduction Design Presentation to Complete Streets and Transportation Commission  August 13 2020 
Community Meeting Presentation  August 25 2020 
Town Council adopted preferred alternative  September 1 2020 
ATP Application for Construction Dollars  September 15 2020 
Preliminary Engineering, Environmental and Final Design  Early 2021 - August 2023
Advertise Construction  November 2023 
Award Contract  January 2024 
Construction (Pending Funding Availability)  February 2024 - December 2025

Public Participation

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Any questions regarding the project can be referred to:

Ying Smith I Transportation and Mobility Manager I YSmith@LosGatosCA.gov