Winchester Boulevard Complete Streets

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Project Background

Parallel to State Route 17 and running north-south through the Town of Los Gatos and the neighboring City of Monte Sereno, Winchester Boulevard is an important arterial street connecting large employers, local residents, the downtown commercial core, and regional highway access. 

With the assistance from an engineering consultant, Kimley-Horn, the Town of Los Gatos is conducting the Winchester Boulevard Complete Streets Design project to evaluate options to transform this corridor for all users, including residents, commuters, school children, and workers. By making Winchester Boulevard better accommodating of users of all ages and abilities traveling by a variety of modes, the Town hopes to improve safety and connections for motorists, bicyclists and pedestrians and to encourage more bicycling and walking trips. 

Thank You for Sharing Your Ideas

Earlier this year, the Town deployed a Wikimapping online tool to collect feedback from Town residents and corridor users regarding the existing conditions of Winchester Boulevard.  

The majority of respondents (83%) believed that the existing conditions of Winchester Boulevard were inadequate in regard to pedestrian safety and mobility. Many respondents  commented that improving comfort and safety while walking, as well as the reduction of vehicle speeds should be prioritized.  

How do people use Winchester Boulevard today?

Winchester users chart

The Town will continue to engage with residents and corridor users to identify strategies that will improve pedestrian safety while accommodating all road users.  

Thank you for your continued participation and interest in the Winchester Boulevard redesign. 

Existing Conditions Report

One of the early deliverables of the design project is the Winchester Boulevard Existing Conditions Report. The report describes the corridor in its current condition and how people use it today. It also identifies the following deficiencies:

  • Sidewalk gap between Lark Avenue and Creekside Court
  • Lack of designated pedestrian crossings  between Daves Avenue and Lark Avenue
  • No ADA access or wait area at bus stops
  • No sufficient sense of safety with current striped bike lanes
  • No bike lane north of UPRR tracks

Existing Conditions Report

The Report will serve as the informational foundation for the conceptual designs and eventually final recommendations for improvements. The feasibility of implementing improvements of this nature will be further explored and identified as part of subsequent study and design efforts. The Town is actively pursuing funding for the final design and construction of the improvements.