Town Wildfire Risk Reduction Efforts 

Over the last several years the Town Council has taken policy and budgetary actions to address the Town’s significant risk of wildfire.  Of note, the following recent actions were taken:

October - December 2020: Town Council approved the creation of a Town Council Ad Hoc Committee to study wildfire mitigation in the Wildland Urban Interface (WUI).  The Committee studied a broad variety of wildfire mitigation policy and project options to improve the Town’s wildfire resiliency.  The Committee examined best practices of similar WUI communities, lessons learned from recent fires, and other relevant areas of wildfire science.   Ad Hoc Wildfire Committee Report.

June 2020: Council budget actions include:

  • $250,000 toward 11 miles of roadside fuel reduction in the WUI
  • $1.5 million toward rehabilitating portions of Shannon Road 
  • $500,000 toward ecological assessment and first year of fuel removal in Town owned open space
  • Town of Los Gatos Roadway Vegetation Management Plan  

April 2020:  Council authorizes the sale of property at Winchester and Lark to the Santa Clara County Fire District. Transaction sets the stage for County Fire to build a state-of-art fire station at the location and house significant wildfire fighting equipment in Town.

January 2020:  Town Council takes several actions:

  • Amends Chapter 9 (Fire Protection and Protection) of the Town Code and adopts a 5 foot nonflammable zone requirement around new structures in the WUI.  Council also adopts language which require defensible space beyond property lines in certain circumstances.
  • Amends Chapter 11 (Garbage, Refuse, and Weeds) of the Town Code and increases required weed abatement along roadways from 5 feet to 10 feet. 
  • Amends Chapter 29 (Tree Protection) of the Town Code and categorizes trees removed or maintained in the furtherance of defensible space as exceptions to tree protections.
  • Amendment to Chapter 9, Chapter 11, and Chapter 29

November 2019:  Town Council amends Chapter 11 (Garbage, Refuse, and Weeds) of the Town Code, expanding the definition of weeds.

October 2019:  Town Council accepts Wildland Urban Interface (WUI) Evacuation Assessment Report

April 2019:  Town adopts Annex 9 of the Santa Clara County Community Wildfire Protection Plan (CWPP).