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Posted on: June 6, 2022

Beach Season (and Traffic) is Here

As the summer weather arrives, so too does the summer beach traffic. Since Highway 17 has limited capacity, many motorists attempt to save time by using alternate routes through Town and the mapping apps have not helped.

This has been an issue for decades and the Town has tried several approaches in recent years to try to minimize the impact to Los Gatos residents.  The Town is also encouraging residents and visitors to become part of the beach traffic solution by trying the following easy actions:

  • Plan ahead when weekend weather looks like beach weather.
  • If you are going to the beach, stay on Highway 17. 
  • If you are located near your Los Gatos destination and walking is an option, enjoy the day by walking into Town. 
  • If you are near your destination and biking is an option, enjoy the day by biking into Town. 
  • Make an effort to support Los Gatos local businesses during the weekends.
  • If you live in an impacted neighborhood, position your car on the street or back into your driveway so that leaving your home is easier. 
  • Schedule weekend appointments and errands before 10:00 a.m. or after 3:00 p.m. 
  • If you are frustrated and wish to make a complaint about beach traffic, call the dedicated Beach Traffic Hotline at (408) 354-6810. Do not call Police Dispatch as they are busy helping other residents. 

In addition, we reassure the community that our public safety officials take the safety of the community very seriously. Police and Fire will respond to emergencies as a priority, ensuring a continued high quality of service. As exasperating as traffic on local streets may be, by itself the traffic does not constitute a public safety emergency and Police Dispatchers need to keep phone lines open for life threatening situations.  We hope you are able to enjoy many of the wonderful activities and events Los Gatos has to offer throughout the summer. 

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