What are the guidelines around advertising, promotion and notifications?

Events with amplified sound, large crowds, street closures, and/or other elements which may otherwise inconvenience the surrounding businesses and residents require neighborhood notification.  The event organizer must provide notice to businesses and residences typically within a 500-foot radius of the event location depending on the scope of the event, at least 2 weeks prior to the event. The organizer must include in the notification the time, location, type of event and anticipated noise or traffic disturbances. Notifications can be in the form of a letter, flyer or postcard or other documentation. The organizer must provide the Town Events Specialist with a copy of the notification prior to distribution for approval.

Per the Special Events Municipal code, Sec. 14.100.010, the organizer may not advertise their event until the organizer has received a Conditional Letter of Approval from the Town. To place banners advertising the event in town the organizer must apply for a Temporary Sign Permit through the Community Development Department. The Temporary Sign application can be found here. Posters in private businesses are permitted if the organizer has received written or verbal approval from the business owner.

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