What is the road closure process?

All organizers requesting to close any portion of a street for their event must do the following:

  • Submit a preliminary Traffic Control Plan (TCP) with their special event application and a final TCP according to their level of closure as noted below at least 45 days prior to their event to have it reviewed by the Event Specialist, Parks & Public Works and Los Gatos Monte Sereno Police Department.
  • Obtain and pay for all uniform traffic control devices (eg. Barricades, signs, etc.) and vendor service costs; these will not be provided by the Town. The event specialist can provide a list of vendors if needed.
  • May be required to pay for Los Gatos Monte Sereno personnel to help maintain traffic control if deemed necessary.
  • May need to obtain written, private property owner approval if the road closure requires blocking access to any private parking lots, residences, business or other property. Arrangements shall be made with this owner or tenant to provide mitigation measures that are acceptable to them. The written approvals and evidence of these negotiated mitigation measures must be submitted with the draft Traffic Control Plan.

In many cases it is also recommend that the organizer provide first aid such as through an organization like D.A.R.T as well as volunteers to help monitor closure points and/or race marshals in the case of runs, cycling races, etc.

There are three levels of road closures:

Please note that each road closure request will be evaluated on a case by case basis and other factors such as time of year or anticipated event volume may also be factored into determining the level of closure.

Level 1

  • These include block parties, parking lots and non-through streets.
  • Organizer may create their own Traffic Control Plan following the “Sample TCP Guidelines,” provided.
  • Implementation of road closure and re-opening may be performed by the organizer.

Level 2

  • Includes lower volume or lower risk through streets.
  • Requires a non-stamped TCP provided by a certified traffic control vendor or certified traffic engineer.
  • Will likely require a traffic control vendor to implement the road closure and re-opening but will depend on the complexity and parameters of the TCP.

Level 3

  • Larger or complex closures including through streets that require diverting traffic, streets with lighted intersections, and/or any major through streets.
  • Requires a TCP that has been prepared, stamped and signed by a qualified traffic control professional or a registered engineer.
  • Will require a traffic control vendor to implement road closure and re-opening.

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