What type of equipment do I need to close a road?

Any closure of public right-of-ways will require the use of Uniform Traffic Control equipment, these may include physical barriers (cones and barricades), traffic signs, lights, and more, to ensure public safety. The organizer will be responsible for obtaining their own equipment as the Town does not provide these. Implementation of the road closure and re-opening will be determined by the Town based on the complexity and level of the closure. If a Traffic Control Company is required to implement the closure the organizer is responsible for those costs. A list of traffic control vendors can be provided if needed.

  • A minimum of a Type I Barricade for every ten (10) feet of road are required for each local surface street closure.
  • Temporary “No Parking,” signs must be obtained from the LGMS Police Department through the event specialist. The event specialist will provide the cost in your event cost estimate. The signs must be placed at least 72 hours in advance of the closure and must be placed approximately every 18-20’ using blue tape that will not damage any public property and or placed on Type 1 barricades or delineators.
  • Type III barricades should be used at the bookends of a closure or for any streets with higher traffic volume and speeds, including all arterial and collector streets. 
  • Barricades and Cones must stand a minimum of 28” high.
  • Minimum requirements for barricades shall be Type 1 barricades with one reflective panel.
  • For street closures during evening hours, lighted flashers are required on barricades.
  • Reflective “Road Closed” signs measuring a minimum of 36” x 24” must be placed on Type I or Type III barricades used at the entrance of the closure.
  • Additional directional signage may be necessary based on the road.
  • Electronic Message Boards may be required for large scale events that require closure of multiple and/or major roadway(s), or closures that will have a significant impact on traffic. Message boards will need to be put in place at least 1 week prior to the closure. The organizer will also need to file for an encroachment permit with the Parks and Public Works Department to place the message boards in any public roadways, parking lots, or parking spaces. If placing the message boards in public parking spaces the organizer will also need to place PD-issued “No Parking,” signs in those spaces at least 72 hours in advance of the message board placement. The Events Specialist can help you obtain these from the LGMS Police Department.

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