Where can I park in downtown Los Gatos?

Click the link at the bottom of this section for a parking map! There are six public lots that are without time limits and are within one or two blocks of the downtown area:

  • South Side Lot located on S. Santa Cruz Ave. just south of the Post Office and across from the Toll House Hotel.
  • Montebello Lot located on Montebello Way next to the Post Office.
  • Park Ave. Lot located on Park Ave. at W. Main St.
  • Underground parking in Lot #4 located on Station Way between Elm St. and Grays Ln.
  • Miles Avenue Lot located on Miles Ave. at the bottom of the hill.
  • North Side Lot located on the north side of Highway 9 between University Ave. and N. Santa Cruz Ave.
Parking Map

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1. Where can I park in downtown Los Gatos?
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