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Los Gatos At Home

  2. The Los Gatos Library invites Los Gatos residents to contribute pieces of their lives that document town life during the COVID-19 pandemic. The Library recognizes the value in preserving our Town’s history with careful consideration and thought, but the Library needs your help in telling the story of Los Gatos during this time of sheltering in place. We are interested in seeing your journeys in staying at home through all the various at-home projects, gardens, hobbies, homeschooling, community service, chalk art, and more. Any person who resides in Los Gatos is welcome to submit materials. We are all in this together, along with the whole world, and we are proud that Los Gatos remains a safe and healthy place for its community. Curated submissions will be made available in our digital collection on
  3. What types of items are you submitting?
  4. Address, street, and/or neighborhood where the item was created
  5. People, business, or organizations that appear in this item
  6. Anything you would like to share about your submission and its significance to the history of Los Gatos
  7. Are you interested in being interviewed for an Oral History project?
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    By affixing the donor’s signature to this document, the donor(s) warrants that they have full and clear title and the legal capacity to convey the property and any accompanying rights, the donated objects were properly obtained, and they have read and agreed to the conditions listed above. In the case of photographs and other ephemera, the donor recognizes that once their donated items are digitized by the library, the digital copy in the library’s possession becomes a public record and its use is governed by the legal requirements that are applicable to records.
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