Permit Parking Program

The Town of Los Gatos Permit Parking Program

Residents can access the Town of Los Gatos online parking management system operated by Turbo Data Systems Inc. The online system provides capabilities for ordering, purchasing and managing your individual Residential Parking Permit account.


About the Residential Permit Parking Program
The Town of Los Gatos issues residential and employee parking permits for specific locations in Town. There are six Residential Parking Permit Districts close to downtown Los Gatos and there is one Employee Permit District. The parking permits are valid only for residents and  businesses in those specific districts and allow unlimited parking to permit holders within their district.

For more information about parking permits please read the Policies & Procedures form below, or contact Jackie Rose, Community Outreach Coordinator.

Residential Parking Permit Districts

  • Almond Grove District - streets include a section of West Main Street ending at Bay View, Wilder Avenue, sections of Nicholson, Tait, Bachman and Almendra Avenue
  • Broadway District - Broadway Avenue
  • Edelen/University District - streets include University Avenue from Mullen to Bachman Avenue, Mullen, Bentley, Miles and Edelen Avenue
  • Olive District - Olive Street
  •  Villa/East Main Street District - streets include a section of  Bella Vista Avenue, Jackson Street, Villa, Johnson Avenue, Alpine, Whitney, and designated spaces in front of 258 East Main Street

Business Owner/Employee Parking Permit District (available only for the following locations): 

  • Olive Zone - streets include the south side of East Main Street from Pageant Avenue to Alpine Avenue, Pageant Avenue, Church Street, sections of Villa Avenue and Jackson Street.

Special Event Parking Permits and Permits for Construction Vehicles

  • Special Event Parking Permits can be purchased by resident permit holders for their guests. 
  • Special Event parking permits are for use in residential areas only.
  • Parking permits can be purchased for construction vehicles working in the permit districts.

Applications and Forms


 Residential Parking Permit Policies and Procedures 
Application for Residential Parking 
Verification of Tenant Residency

Cancellation of Permits 

Vehicle and Permit Change Form

Application for Special Events
 Business Owner/Employee Policies and Procedures (Olive Zone)
 Business Owner/Employee Parking Permit Application (Olive Zone)
 Downtown Parking Map