We are looking for volunteers at this time. If you would like to learn more about our roles please see the list below. 

Interested in Volunteering?  Please read the following information carefully.

  • Volunteers must be 15+
  • We require our volunteers to commit to a time frame and schedule that their role requires. Most volunteer roles require the volunteer to commit to a 2 or 3 hour shift per week
  • Potential volunteers need to fill out an application and be prepared to come in for a short interview
  • The library recruits for volunteers in September, November and April.
  • All volunteers 18+ who are interviewed and selected must be fingerprinted before starting any volunteer work
The various volunteer roles at the library include administrative library tasks, support for crafts, tech tutoring, and other activities that make our library a vibrant place. Most of the work the volunteers do requires enthusiasm working with people (children and adults), familiarity with computers and technology, attention to detail, being an independent worker, and a willingness to tackle large tasks with many small, repetitive steps.

Please note:  

Library volunteers supplement, but do not supplant, library staff. Legal issues pertaining to patron confidentiality and the right to privacy, as well as interpreting library policy, require intensive staff training and accountability. Librarians and library staff have extensive experience, specialized skills, and knowledge. Volunteers work limited, variable schedules. Hiring, training, monitoring and managing volunteers requires extensive staff time and energy. As such, volunteering at the library must be considered as a service the library offers, not a staffing solution.  Library volunteers do not work at any public service desks, have access to private patron information, run specialized library programming, or select materials for purchase.

Have questions?   Email us at library@losgatosca.gov