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Tours/Class visits to the Library

A class visit to the Los Gatos Library is full of fun, wonder, and excitement! The field trip will include a tour of the Library’s facilities, which may include our garden, our various technology (our laser cutter and our 3D printer), our book bike, and of course, our AMHS machine that automatically sorts all the items that are returned through the book drop.

All tours are scheduled at 9am, for one hour. Due to limited staff capacity, we are most likely unable to accommodate for longer, extensive tours that involve more than 1 staff member. Our tours typically end with students browsing the children’s room to independently browse and find books to check out with their library cards. Finding books for classes where students have individual topics of interest can be fairly time-consuming and even frustrating because we may have limited supply. The process of looking up topics on the two catalog stations and then finding them on the shelf does take a while, even with several parent chaperones, librarians, and support staff. We do like to create framework for class visits to provide students with positive experience and set everyone up for success.

Schedule your classroom’s field trip to the Library! Fill out this form with your preferred date and any other special requests or accommodations, and the Youth Services Librarian will get back to you on confirming or changing the date, depending on availability at the Library.

Download the Library Card Application form (click the image below) to have your students’ parents and caregivers fill out so they can receive a physical library card. If a student already has a library card, we will still make a new card for them so they can have the option to receive one. Please return the applications to the Library at the Circulation Desk, or mail them to us 1 week prior to your scheduled tour.

Need resources for an assignment? Fill out this Assignment Alert form 1 week prior to assigning to your class.

Collaborate with us on Author Visits!

Is your cohort looking for inspiration? We would love to work with you on getting author talks and presentations for your students! Depending on costs, timing, and availability, we may be able to make this happen for your students.

Host a librarian in your classroom for Storytime, research skills workshop, or other presentation

School ID’S work as library cards!

Schedule a meeting with the Youth Services Team, or invite one of our librarians to your school meetings

We understand that schools and public libraries have at least one important thing in common: We aim to support our families and youth with various resources to boost their growth journeys in education, mental and emotional health.

Need electronic resources to supplement your curriculum? Here are a few the students can access with a library card (link to the E-Resources k-12 page?)

School Librarians:

Hosting a book club? Need more copies available at our library for your students to check out? We can help!

Interested in collaborating with us to host an author visit?

Request to host our book bike at your school for Lunchtime Book Browsing and/or Summer Reading promotion!

click here to download the library card application form
picture of the library's electric bike at fisher school

Bring the public library’s holdings onto your campus! Students will be able to easily check out our books during their lunch breaks with their Student ID cards (ask us how)! You can request certain titles ahead of time, and depending on availability, we will be able to bring requested titles for the students.