Finance Department

Welcome to the Finance Department

Programs & Services

To ensure legal and fiscal accountability to the public, the Finance and Administrative Services Department:
  • Provides financial oversight of the Town's funds, verifying proper practices are in place and operational responsibility is upheld.
  • Develops and monitors the Town and Successor Agency to the Redevelopment Agency's Annual Operating Budget and Annual Capital Improvement Program Budget in accordance with Government Finance Officer Association (GFOA) guidelines.
  • Coordinates the annual audit of the Town's financial statements and preparation of the Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR).
  • Maintains the Town's financial operating system for record-keeping and reporting of all financial transactions.

Provides Financial and Administrative Services, including:

  • Accounts payable and payroll disbursement and reporting services
  • Accounts receivable invoicing, revenue collection, and cash reconcilement
  • Business license processing and auditing services
  • Accounting, arbitrage reporting, and claim reimbursement services for bond issues
  • Procurement process oversight, including purchase order processing, financial tracking of contracts, vendor resolution issues, and proper accounting allocation
  • State and local subvention claim administration