Community Development Department

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Community Development Department


In accordance with the Santa Clara County Public Health Office Order, Town Offices are closed until further notice. No in-person counter services are currently available, but the Town is open for business and we are working towards full reopening for in-person services.  Inspections that can be completed via video are being scheduled and other on-site inspection services are evaluated on a case by case basis.  Staff resources are available to perform work on permits remotely and meet with the public via Zoom, Microsoft Teams, or phone.  Electronic permit submittal, resubmittal, and issuance is available. 

The Community Development Department is responsible for all current and advanced planning, building plan check, building inspection, code compliance, and other development-related activities. Department programs include Planning, Building, Housing, and Code Compliance Services. 


The Planning Division handles all land use development applications and land use policy items. The development application review process involves an environmental review and an assessment of a project's consistency and compliance with the General Plan, Zoning Code, Commercial Design Guidelines, and other Town regulations. New land use policies are also prepared by planning staff for consideration by the Planning Commission and Town Council.


The Building Division reviews construction plans, facilitates permit issuance, and conducts inspections to ensure safe, healthy, and attractive property improvements in compliance with codes, policies, guidelines and standards.

Code Compliance 

The Town provides Code Compliance services to maintain health and safety, and to ensure implementation of the Town's zoning and other regulations. Violations that affect public safety are given the highest priority.

Housing Programs

The Town of Los Gatos Community Development Department works in partnership with the successor agency to the former Los Gatos Redevelopment Agency to improve and preserve the supply and quality of existing rental and ownership housing opportunities that are available for residents and employees of local businesses.  Visit our Housing Programs web page to view the listings of housing related resources.

Please Note: Information contained in building and planning applications is considered part of the public record. Therefore, it will appear in both the public record file for the site address, which is available upon request, and on the permitting system on the official Town of Los Gatos website.