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The Parks and Public Works Department (PPW) is responsible for the maintenance and improvements of the Town's public parks, facilities, streets, and other infrastructure.  Our goal is to efficiently provide residents, businesses, and visitors with the highest quality service possible, with dedication and professionalism.  

The Engineering team provides services in the area of encroachment permits and permitting and inspection of other work in the public right of way, including situations where new developments need to provide improvements in the right of way.  

The Capital Projects team develops and constructs capital projects across all Town assets.  This includes improvements to roads, streetlights, parks, and Town buildings.  A list of current capital projects can be found in the annual capital budget.  

The Streets and Signals team maintains the Town’s roadways, signs, and traffic signals.  Traffic plays a big part in this team’s daily work as they seek to meet the needs of the community.  This includes traffic on major streets as well as on neighborhood streets where traffic calming can be a solution.

The Parks team ensures the parks are well maintained and ready for use.  The number of parks and the amount of open space in Los Gatos is part of what makes this such a wonderful community.  

The Environmental Services team ensures that the Town is at the forefront of environmental stewardship.  This team also manages the Town’s utilities, including the contract with West Valley Collection and Recycling for garbage service Town wide.

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