Comprehensive Fee Schedule

Proposed FY 2019/20 Comprehensive Fee Schedule

The State of California allows cities and towns to recover their costs of providing services, such as building plan review and inspections.  The Town of Los Gatos hired Revenue and Cost Specialists LLC to conduct an analysis of current service delivery costs with current staffing and cost data.  The consultant also calculated the distribution of Town-wide overhead costs to be included in the fees charged for services to determine the full cost to provide Town services, including Planning, Building, Engineering, Police, and other services. 

While cost analysis data plays a role in determining the level of fees to charge, it must be balanced with several other factors, such as affordability, parity with surrounding jurisdictions, and past Council action. Taking these all of factors into consideration, various levels of recovery are being recommended with the proposed fee schedule.  

Town Council is scheduled to consider this matter at its regular meeting on March 19, 2019.  If you have comments or questions, please contact
Proposed FY 2019/20 Comprehensive Fee Schedule (Redline) updated on 03/13/2019 (pdf)

Town of Los Gatos Comprehensive Fee Schedule

The following fee schedule is effective as of July 1, 2017, unless updated by the Town Council through the public hearing process. The Town is currently completing a Cost Allocation and User Fee Study, the results will be presented to Town Council for consideration at the March 19, 2019 meeting.
Comprehensive Fee Schedule (pdf)