Election & Voter Information


The Municipal Elections are held in November of even numbered years. The elective officers of the Town consist of a Town Council made up of five Council Members who are elected in a non-partisan election. Elected officers serve "at large," representing the entire community, rather than a particular district. The Council Members are elected to four-year overlapping terms with no term limits. The Council selects the Mayor and Vice Mayor annually in December.

Candidate Requirements

Candidates must be registered to vote in the Town of Los Gatos at the time nomination papers are issued by the Office of the Town Clerk. To be a registered voter in the Town, one must reside in the incorporated area of the Town of Los Gatos and be a U.S. citizen 18 years of age or older. To ensure this qualification is met, the Office of the Town Clerk will verify voter registration status with the County of Santa Clara Elections Office before issuing nomination papers.

The required papers to file and run for office must be obtained from the Town Clerk. For more information on filing, please refer to the Town of Los Gatos Candidate’s Guide or contact the Town Clerk at (408) 354-6834 or Clerk@LosGatosCA.gov

Write-In Candidates

Candidates who desire to be a write-in candidate and have his or her name written on the ballot of an election shall fulfill the requirements of Part 3 of Division 8 of the Elections Code, commencing at Section 8600. Write-in candidates must meet all qualifications of the office to which they are seeking the nomination. The name of the qualified write-in candidate is not printed on the ballot. Prospective write‑in candidates should note that write‑in candidacy is possible only if the office appears on the ballot. Candidates interested in running as a write-in candidate may contact the Town Clerk at clerk@losgatosca.gov to make an appointment to pull nomination papers. Write-in candidate information.

Measure/Initiative Argument General Information

California Elections Code allows registered voters to submit arguments in favor of or against any measure/initiative being submitted to the voters.

To file an argument in favor of or against a measure that has been placed on a ballot, please complete and submit the Declaration of Author(s) of Arguments or Rebuttals and an electronic copy of text of argument in Microsoft Word.

If an author of an argument would like to authorize any other person to author/sign the rebuttal (if appropriate), written authorization is required. Please complete and submit the Rebuttal Signer Authorization and an electronic copy of text of argument in Microsoft Word.

Rebuttal arguments are allowed only when both a direct argument for AND against a measure are filed.

For complete requirements, please refer to the current California Elections Code for local measures.

The Role of the Town Clerk

The Town Clerk /Elections Official oversees the election process, with particular emphasis on required candidate filings. This includes Nomination Papers, Statements of Economic Interest (also known as Conflict of Interest Statements), and Campaign Finance Disclosure forms.

Voting is Now Easier than Ever in Santa Clara County!

Our county will be using an exciting new voting model that makes it easier than ever to cast a ballot.

It is called the Voter’s Choice Act, and it emphasizes convenience for the modern voter. Everyone will get a ballot mailed to them automatically and that they can return in the free postage-paid envelope provided by mail, which is by far the most popular way to vote. Any voter can also place their completed ballot in one of 98 conveniently located drop-boxes. 

The Registrar of Voters Office will also be open for early voting beginning on October 5th through Election Day. Voters who prefer to vote in person can still do so at any of the more than 100 Vote Centers that will be open throughout Santa Clara County starting October 31st. Remember, now it is Election Day everyday between October 5th and November 3rd!

The Vote Centers will offer sanitary, in-person options for a full spectrum of services, from language and accessibility assistance to voting in person. There are electronic poll books to keep track of who has voted, and even voter registration updates all the way up through Election Day.

Take advantage of the extra time and convenience of receiving your ballot 29 days before the election with a free postage paid return envelope, no stamp, no problem! Vote safe, vote from home.

Be heard by November 3rd.

Visit sccvote.org/voterschoice or call 866-430-VOTE (8683) for more information.

FPPC Campaign Statements

FPPC Campaign Statement (501, 410, 460, etc.) filings may be viewed online here.