Historic Resources

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Historic Requirements

The town recognizes a structure as historic if any one of the following apply:
  • Any structure / site that is located within an historic district
  • Any structure / site that is historically designated within the LHP overlay
  • Any primary structure constructed prior to 1941, unless the town has specifically determined the structure has no historic significance or architectural merit

Historic Building Inventories

Inventories have been prepared which document most town historic buildings so if in doubt contact the Town of Los Gatos Planning Division to review these inventories. They include information on the architectural style and historical facts regarding the structure or site. Especially significant buildings or sites may have been designated Historic Landmarks sites, and historic neighborhoods and commercial areas have been designated Historic Preservation Districts and have a Landmark Historic Preservation (LHP) Overlay Zone.

Historic Guidelines

See the chart below to determine if your property would be considered historic by the Town of Los Gatos guidelines: 
  1. Built Before 1941
  2. Located in a Historic District
  3. Landmark Historic Preservation


  • If the primary structure on the property was built prior to 1941 the property may be historic.
  • Some buildings built before 1941 are considered to have no historical or architectural value and may be removed from the Town's inventory upon request.
  • To see if a home was built before 1941 contact the Planning Division to the town's Historic Inventory and Sanborn Maps.