Frequently Asked Questions

QuestionAre my property taxes going to go up as a Town resident?

The Santa Clara County Department of Tax and Collections provides a useful tool for viewing any resident secured property tax bill information in the County. A review of property tax assessments between island residents and Los Gatos residents indicate a slight decrease for island residents is anticipated upon annexation. The link below will help you see your property tax bill versus a Los Gatos neighbors.


QuestionWill the Town force me to construct sidewalks in front of my property?

No, the Town does not proactively ask property owners to construct sidewalks. The determination to construct sidewalks is only initiated if a property owner approaches theTown to propose a significant remodel/renovation or construction of a new home.  


QuestionIf I propose a significant remodel/renovation or construction of a new home and no other houses on the street have sidewalks will I still be required to construct a sidewalk?

If the construction of a sidewalk isn’t consistent with the existing infrastructure of the neighborhood a property owner will not be asked to construct a sidewalk which doesn’t connect to an existing pedestrian system.  However, in lieu of the actual construction of a sidewalk, a property owner will be required to pay an in-lieu fee to a sidewalk fund for future construction of sidewalks throughout the Town to ensure a pedestrian safe community. 

QuestionWhat fees does the Town charge for its services?

The Town’s financial policies require that certain fees, rates, and charges for services be maintained at a level to allow for cost recovery based on the actual cost to provide Town services. “Fee” activities are services and functions provided by the Town to individuals who receive some direct material benefit above and beyond general services offered to residents at general taxpayer expense.  It should be noted that many fees still do not represent 100% cost recovery.  For more information regarding the Town’s Comprehensive Fee Schedule recently adopted by Council please see:


QuestionDoes the Town have leaf blower restrictions?

Yes, the Town prohibits the use of gasoline powered leaf blowers in all areas of Town.  Gas powered leaf blowers degrade the quality of life in Los Gatos by polluting the air, posing multiple health risks for operators and residents, generating high noise levels, and disrupting neighborhood tranquility.  For more information on the Town’s Leaf Blower Ordinance please see:


QuestionIf I were to construct an 500 square foot single story addition what are the differences in building permit fees I’d be charged by the Town versus the County?

Following are the approximate fees that would be applicable with a typical 500 square foot home addition between the Town of Los Gatos and the County.  The fees associated with the aforementioned building permit would be $4,772 for the Town of Los Gatos and $4,531 for the County


QuestionDoes the Town allow beekeeping and chickens?

Yes, the Town allows the keeping of bees and chickens with some requirements and restrictions.  The requirements and restrictions are intended to ensure the humane treatment of the animals in question and to safeguard our residents. For more information specific to bees and chickens please see:

For general information regarding animals and fowl please see:

Question: Why does the streamlined annexation process not include an election?

The State legislated streamlined annexation process eliminates the protest and election requirements in recognition that smaller unincorporated urban pockets are either substantially or completely surrounded by existing residents of the governing jurisdiction.  In instances where unincorporated pockets are either substantially or completely surrounded by Town/City residents, an election would unduly favor the rights of unincorporated residents over those of Town residents.  In addition, several of the pockets consist of a single residence which would result in an election of one.  As such, the typical election construct utilized in pockets over 150 acres would not result in an equitable electoral process with smaller unincorporated islands.   The State legislated streamlined process ensures that the duly elected officials for the jurisdiction presiding over the annexation balance the rights of the existing residents they’ve been elected to represent with the rights of the new residents they’ll represent if annexation proceeds.  

Question:  Does the Town require a business license for home businesses?

Similar to the County, the Town does require a business license.  Typical business licenses are professional ($200); service( $100)but can vary.  In addition, the Town requires a home occupation permit.  For more information regarding how to obtain a business license and a home occupation permit please see the following webpage: Residents can also call 408-354-6833 for more information regarding the Town’s business license program.