On-Street Parking Restrictions

Parking Time Limits & Restrictions
The town has many signs posted to prohibit or limit the amount of time a vehicle may park on the street (such as a 2-hour limit, etc.). Please make sure you have read the posted parking limit sign to ensure you move it timely. There are a few other limits and restrictions everyone should know:
  • Vehicles may not park on a town street for longer than 72 hours (Town Code Section 15.40.065)
  • Commercial vehicles exceeding 10,000 pounds are not allowed to park in residential zones or on the portion of a street abutting property in a residential zone, between 5 p.m. and 5 a.m. (Town Code Section 15.40.070)
  • Vehicles may not park on any town roadway for the purpose of displaying a vehicle for sale or for washing/repairing vehicles except in an emergency (Town Code Section 15.40.075).
Temporary Parking Restrictions
Sometimes the ordinary parking restrictions on a street may change, such as to allow street paving, street sweeping, construction activity, special events or other unusual circumstances that require the street be cleared of parked vehicles. Temporary "no parking" signs will be posted alongside the street announcing the dates and times no parking will be required. These temporary signs may be set up with as little as 24-hour advance notice before the restriction takes effect, but usually are placed 72-hours in advance. Vehicles must be moved by the time indicated or drivers may receive a citation and their vehicle may be towed and impounded.

Concerns & Reporting
If you have any concerns with on-street parking and wish to request the installation or removal of parking restrictions on town streets, you may contact the Parks and Public Works Department at 408-399-5770 or via email. To report illegal parking or an abandoned vehicle, you may call the abandoned vehicle hotline at 408-399-5716 or fill out the on-line abandoned vehicle form. You may also call 408-354-8600 if you believe your vehicle has been towed.