Street Trees

The Parks and Public Works Department is responsible for maintenance of the Town's street trees. If you have questions regarding the health or condition of a street tree, please contact the Parks and Public Works Department at (408) 399-5770. If you believe the street tree poses an immediate hazard and you are unable to contact the Parks and Public Works Department, please contact the Town of Los Gatos Police Department at (408) 354-8600.
Town Code regulates the locations and height of plants, trees and any obstruction at or near intersection corners for the purpose of maintaining sufficient traffic visibility.

Street Corner Visibility
Property owners are responsible to trim their bushes and trees which are in the public right-of-way (adjacent to public sidewalks & public streets) to maintain safe passage for pedestrians, bicyclists and vehicle drivers. It is important to trim plants at and near intersection corners so they don’t block drivers’ view of upcoming traffic, pedestrians and the roadway. It is also important to ensure plants don’t grow into the public right-of-way.
Street Tree Replacement Program
The Parks and Public Works Department administers the Street Tree Replacement Program to promote the Town's urban forest. Residents are eligible to receive one tree to plant in a park strip area in front of their home. Residents are responsible for planting and watering the tree. For more information about this program contact 408-399-5770.