Private Trees

Tree Removal and/or Pruning Permit Application

Permits are required by Town Code for many tree removals as well as for some tree pruning. For detailed information on when a permit is required, please see the Tree Removal and Pruning Permit FAQs by clicking here.

Applications are available online by clicking here, or at the following locations, Monday through Friday between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 1:00 p.m.:
        Parks and Public Works Department                  
        41 Miles Avenue                                                  
        Los Gatos, CA 95030                                            

Tree Removal and/or Pruning Permit Application Fees

Click here for the Town's Fee Schedule. Tree-related fees begin on page 28 of this document. 

Replacement Tree Requirement

Approved tree removal permits also require replacement tree(s) to be planted on your property prior to permit expiration unless the removal and replacements are part of an approved development application. Permits are valid for 90 days.

Two or more replacement trees of a size set forth in the Town Code and of a species approved by the Town Arborist are required to be planted on site except when removal is permitted if the tree is dead or at high or extreme risk of failure,  Specific replacement tree provisions are outlined on the Tree Removal Permit application.  Replacement with native species is strongly encouraged.  Most fruit and nut trees, palm trees, or “nuisance” species (see section 29.10.0970(2) of the Town Code) are generally not considered suitable replacement trees. If a tree or trees cannot be reasonably replanted on the subject property, the Town Arborist may approve a full or partial in-lieu fee payment.  Where the payment of in-lieu fees are approved, permits will not be issued until all in-lieu fees are paid in full. If approved by the Town Arborist, in-lieu fees are as follows:

        24" Box Tree - $250 
        36" Box Tree - $500

Resources for selecting a replacement tree and other planting resources can be found on the Santa Clara County Master Gardeners website by clicking here.