Block Party Permit Information


The Town of Los Gatos Municipal Code, Sec. 14.100.015. defines a Block Party as “An outdoor neighborhood gathering coordinated by the residents of that neighborhood that includes the closure of a public right of way within an area zoned for residential use. Block parties may not include the closure of arterial streets and may not be for commercial, for-profit, or advertising purposes.” Those wishing to hold a Block Party must obtain a Block Party Permit by meeting the requirements below.

The permit process is designed to mitigate public inconvenience and minimize risk to the greatest extent possible. Block Party Permits are processed through the Town Manager’s Office in close cooperation with the Los Gatos Monte Sereno Police Department and the Los Gatos Parks & Public Works Department. The Block Party Permit process enables staff to work with you in advance of your event date to address any potential challenges to help ensure a successful event.

Permit Requirements:

  • All block party permit applications must be submitted at least 30-days prior to the date of the event in accordance with Los Gatos Municipal Code, Sec. 14.100.025.
  • All application materials listed below must be submitted in order to receive a Block Party Permit.
  • Street(s) to be closed must be residential with minimal traffic and may not include the closure of arterial streets and may not be for commercial, for-profit, or advertising purposes.
  • Adequate barricades and signage are required and must be supplied by the applicant.
  • Block Parties occurring after dusk require barricades with flashers.
  • At least 50% of the residents living on the closed street(s) must give their consent to the event.
  • Residents have the right to drive to and from their homes, providing any vehicular movement does not interfere with the block party.
  • All residences on the street must be freely accessible to emergency traffic.

Required Application Materials:

All materials and fees can be mailed or delivered to Los Gatos Town Hall at 110 E. Main St., Los Gatos, CA 95030. You may also email the application to Jessica Ertell at

For any additional questions please contact Jessica Ertell at or 408-399-5734.