O Zone

O Zone or Office Zone

The Office zone allows all types of office activities and encourages buildings which are compatible with residential development. The O zone serves as a buffer between commercial and residential development with minimal traffic generation.

Find Zoning Requirements

Go to Chapter 29, Article VI, Division 2 of the Town Code to check the Zoning Requirements for O Zone or Office Zone or you may contact the Town of Los Gatos Community Development Department. Please supply
the following information:
  • Street address
  • Nearest cross street
  • Assessor's Parcel Number (APN number) if available

Permitted Uses in O Zones

Uses that will unreasonably interfere with residential uses or other activities within the O zone are not allowed. The following uses are permitted in an O zone:
  • Offices, administrative, professional, medical, dental and optical laboratories associated with a professional use, real estate, insurance, stocks and bonds; and other similar offices characterized by absence of retail sales
  • Retail sales by a pharmacy within a medical building
  • *Additional uses may be allowed if a Conditional Use Permit (CUP) is approved. Please contact the Community Development Department for further information.
Examples of proper O zone uses:
  • Real estate agency
  • Chiropractic office
  • Title company
  • Accountant office
  • X-ray laboratory (associated with professional medical office)
  • Physical therapist office

Lot Size Requirements

The minimum lot area in an O zone is 8,000 S.F.

Minimum Setback Requirements

  • Front … 25'
  • Side … 10'
  • Rear … 20'
  • Street side … 15'
Note: A 6' high masonry wall is required along any property line abutting a residential zoned lot (8' high masonry wall is permitted if both parties agree).

Height Requirements

The maximum height of a principle building in the O zone is 35' (measured from the natural or finished grade, whichever is lower and creates a lower profile, to the uppermost point of the roof edge, wall, parapet, mansard, or other point directly above that grade).

Note: The maximum average height for accessory building is 15' (measured from natural or finished grade, whichever is lower and creates a lower profile). Please contact the Community
Development Department for further information.

Lot Coverage

You may cover up to 40% of the lot, including any type of accessory buildings.

Parking Assessment District Requirements

The Floor Area Ratio (FAR) for new buildings or expansions of gross floor area of existing buildings must not exceed .60.

In the event that a building exceeds a FAR of .60 within the O zone is destroyed involuntarily, reconstruction to the amount of prior floor area shall be allowed. For further questions, please contact the Community Development Department.