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TOWN CLOSURE NOTICE:  All Community Development Department (CDD) operations will be closed Friday, December 23, 2022, through January 2, 2023, for a Town Closure.  Planning, Building, and Code Compliance services will not be available during this Closure, including but not limited to, online permitting system account activation, receipt/processing, issuance of permits, online applications, project reviews, building inspections, and external communications.  We will resume normal operations on Tuesday, January 3, 2023.  

New Building Codes effective January 2023

New Building CodesStarting January 1, 2023, The Town of Los Gatos will have the following NEW Building Codes going into effect:

2022 California Building, Vol. 1 & 2         
2022 California Historical Building Code2022 California Residential Code 
2022 California Fire Code
2022 California Electrical Code               
2022 California Existing Building Code
2022 California Mechanical Code           
2022 California Green Building Standards 
2022 California Plumbing Code              
2021 International Code for Property Maintenance
2022 California Energy Code                  
Local Reach Codes as adopted  

You can learn more about these codes at and

If you are planning on submitting for a building permit before the end of 2022, you must submit your online application on or before 1:00 p.m. on December 22, 2022, to have the 2019 Building Codes apply to your permit. 

Welcome to the Town of Los Gatos Building Division

Please note that ALL Building and Planning Permit Applications are to be completed online through the Citizen's Portal. We will not accept these applications at the counter.   

We hope you find using Online Permitting Services easy and efficient!

Before you get started, do you know what permit you need to apply for? If you're not sure, check out our new Permit Decision Tool! It will help you determine why type of permit you will need! Otherwise, follow the steps below.

  1. Become an Accela Citizen Access registered user. Head to the Accela Citizen Portal here and register with your email address. You’ll receive a confirmation email to your inbox.  Once you confirm, you’re ready for step 2! 
    • Already have an account? Click here to log in. You can check the status of your existing permits or move to step 2 to start a new application.
  2. Complete a pre-application, which includes submitting your application forms, plans, documents, and other project-related materials.  Staff will review your materials to ensure your file contains all the materials necessary for your project to be reviewed.  You may consider checking out the submittal guidelines here as you prepare your plans. 
  3. Resolve fees for your application. Once your file has everything needed, it will move on from being a pre-application to a full application.  You will be asked to pay associated fees online via credit card.  Alternatively, you can mail a check or come into our office during counter hours (8:00 a.m.-1:00 p.m. Monday through Friday) to pay for the associated fees.  Then your project will be assigned to the appropriate staff for review.  
  4. Responding to comments & collaborating with staff. Through the ACA platform, you can receive comments, marked-up plans, provide resubmissions, and other activities related to the review of your application.  We encourage you to collaborate with staff via email. 

We are excited to offer services that safely keep our community moving forward! 


The Building Division does not accept Plan Check Submittals or Resubmittals by FedEx, UPS or any other mail courier.

The Building Division helps to ensure health, safety and welfare of the citizens, property owners and visitors of the Town of Los Gatos. The Building Division is responsible for 
plan review of all new construction, additions and remodels for both commercial and residential properties and construction inspection services for all projects including electrical, plumbing and mechanical installations. We ensure compliance with state and local codes, policies, guidelines and standards of all residential and commercial structures within the town limits.

The Town's new 
Online Permits System is available for the following Residential permits: Electrical Service Panel (200 amp or less), Copper Repipe, Water Heater Replacement (same type and location), Water Line (repair / replacement), and Furnace and Air Conditioner Replacement (same location) for parcels in the town's jurisdiction. Contractors and property owners can register to use the system to create any of the above permits on the Online Permits System. Contractors must have a current Business License for the Town to obtain permits.

The Building Division also offers 
online access to view the building permit history for parcels in the town's jurisdiction. Please do not register for an account if you are only viewing permits. The public can view pending and issued building permits from 1994 forward via the web. Building permit history prior to 1994 is available to view via Laserfiche and/or Microfiche at the Town Building Division counter between the hours of 8 a.m. and 1 p.m., Monday through Friday.

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