Public Improvements - Land Development Projects

Public Improvement plans for improvements required per a project’s Conditions of Approval shall be prepared by a California registered civil engineer, reviewed and approved by the Town prior to the issuance of a building permit or the recordation of a map.  A preliminary estimate of fees required prior to the construction of public improvements can be determined with the Public Improvements Fee Estimate provided below.

A number of applications, approvals, documents and agreements are required in order to process a subdivision once a given Subdivision Application has been approved.  The documents below provide additional details and information.  When a Subdivision Improvement Agreement is required, please submit the completed worksheet linked below to your Project Engineer.


In the event that an Applicant proposes to install or construct private improvements within the right-of-way, a Private Improvements in the Public Right-of-Way (formerly Indemnity) Agreement will be required.  These improvements include, but are not limited to, specialty pavements such as pavers or other alternative surfaces, mailboxes, decorative columns, fences, retaining walls, and any other improvements that are not designed per the Town’s Standard Plans.