Permits & Fees

Planning Fee Schedule - Town of Los Gatos

General Information

The following Fee Schedule for the Community Development Department will be adjusted annually by the average Consumer Price Index for the calendar year and/or by the percentage increase in actual operating costs for the current year - whichever is greater.

The fees listed below constitute all fees imposed by the Planning Division. Certain types of applications must be reviewed/processed by other departments/agencies which may impose separate fees. Applicants are advised that the fees for those services are not included in the Planning Department’s fees. Where the term “actual cost(s)” is used here it shall mean: materials, supplies (including costs of noticing or publication), outside consultants, employee cost will be billed at the top step, plus benefits, plus overhead. The following fee schedule is established for applications filed pursuant to the Town Code. The fees are collected by the Community Development Department at the time the application is filed unless otherwise noted.

Fees for Additional Processing

In the event additional processing services by the Town are required due to changes, modifications, additions, errors, omissions, or discrepancies caused by the applicant or his/her agents or representatives, the applicant shall pay an additional fee as determined by the Directory of Community Development to cover the actual cost.

Fees for Lack of Progress

If additional information is required by the Town for an application and the requested information is not submitted within 180 days, the applicant will be required to pay a fee of 10% of the current application fee at the time of the requested information is submitted. Any re-submittal after one year will be processed as a new application, subject to new fees.

Fees for Major Projects

If it is anticipated that the application processing costs of selected major projects will significantly exceed the following fees, the Director of Community Development may collect a deposit and charge actual time spent to process the applications based upon current hourly rates.


All of the following applications are subject to the surcharge fees as set forth in Section 5.H.

Payment of Application Fees

All application fees are to be paid at the time the applications are submitted to the Community Development Department. If the applicant withdraws an application, which requires a hearing by the Planning Commission, prior to processing the application for the hearing, 40% of the paid application fee shall be refunded to the applicant at the discretion of the Director of Community Development. All other fees are non-refundable