Strategic Priorities

Every year the Town Council identifies their Strategic Priorities as an initial step in the budget development process. The Strategic Priorities discussion is an important opportunity for the community’s priorities to be reflected in the development of the coming years budget. 

On December 1, 2020, the Town launched a community survey regarding Strategic Priorities. Thank you to all who provided their input by completing the survey. It remained opened through January 8, 2021 and received 411 total responses. Below are the three questions posed and the results:

Q1: Please rank the current ongoing Town Strategic Priorities from most to least important.

Question 1 Graph

A1: Ranking Order Results Received:
Economic Vitality: 7.06
Fire Protection: 6.59
Emergency Preparedness: 6.25
Transportation Demand Management: 5.62
Community Vitality: 5.12
Land Use Planning: 4.94
Comprehensive Parking Study: 4.47
Address Pension & OPEB Obligations: 3.12
Sell or Lease Certain Town Properties: 2.08

Q2: Would you like to see the Town shift the focus of its Strategic Priorities to new efforts?
A2: No - 50.56%; Yes - 49.44%

Q3: If yes, please provide your top choices for new Town Strategic Priorities.
A3: The responses received can be viewed here. 

On January 26, 2021, the Town Council determined the Strategic Priorities for 2021-2023, providing guidance to Town staff on workload prioritization.  The Town Council reaffirmed its Core Goals, including: Community Character, Good Governance, Fiscal Stability, Quality Public Infrastructure, Civic Enrichment, and Public Safety.  Even with the significant budgetary challenges associated with the pandemic, many of Council’s primary goals and priorities will continue to be programed in the FY 2021-22 Operating and Capital Budgets. Specifically, the Council emphasized wildfire safety; senior services; diversity, equity, and inclusion; sustainability; implementing parking study recommendations, and exploring increased revenue options. 

Several Strategic Priorities are not one-time projects, but rather are ongoing commitments due to their critical significance in ensuring the Town’s fiscal and infrastructure stability and the safety and quality of life for Los Gatos residents, businesses, and visitors.  These commitments include prudent financial management, developing Measure B transportation projects so the Town is positioned to receive its fair share of the funds, and fostering emergency preparedness and community resilience.

In terms of capital projects, the Town Council affirmed its interest in investing in bicycle and pedestrian improvements, wildfire preparedness, and implementing initial phases of the Comprehensive Parking Study.  In addition to capital projects, the Council identified new priorities which include an increased focus on services for the senior community, an expanded focus on sustainability, and increased diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts.

Other Strategic Priorities position the Town for its future.  The Council continues the General Plan Update to engage the community in land use planning and policies to guide development for the next couple of decades.  Other Priorities address State housing legal mandates, exploring new revenue opportunities, and enhancing economic recovery and community vitality.  As the Town transitions from sheltering-in-place to the reopening of businesses, the significance of enhancing economic and community vitality are paramount. 

The following illustrates the Strategic Priorities adopted for FY 2021-23.  Some of these priorities were acted upon during FY 2020/21 and the remaining items will be referenced in the proposed Operating and Capital Budgets for FY 2021/22. 

Strategic Priorites