Los Gatos Creek Trailhead Connector to Hwy 9


The Town of Los Gatos, Parks and Public Works Department, is excited to announce the beginning of an important Bicycle and Pedestrian Improvement Project that will provide bicycle and pedestrian access from Highway 9 to the Los Gatos Creek Trail. 

This project was first identified during the development of the Town’s Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan, which began in April of 2016. Following a series of community meetings and through close coordination with the Town’s Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Commission (BPAC), a final Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan was developed and ultimately adopted by the Town Council in February of 2017. The Master Plan provides the Town with a roadmap for enhancing bicycle and pedestrian mobility throughout the Town by identifying and prioritizing projects, policies and programs that will help make Los Gatos a more comfortable place to bike and walk. 

The Los Gatos Creek Trail to Highway 9 Trailhead Connector Project was identified in the Master Plan as a high priority project to be completed within 1-5 years. Town staff worked to obtain federal grant funding for the design of the Trailhead Connector Project and subsequently, Mott MacDonald Group, an engineering design consultant, was hired to begin the design process for the project. During the design process, there will be several opportunities for community input. 

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Any questions regarding the project design can be referred to the Town Engineer, WooJae Kim, at (408) 399-5773 or WKim@losgatosca.gov.

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Location map of proposed Highway 9 pathway connector to the Los Gatos Creek Trail

Project Update 01-28-20

A community meeting to discuss the preliminary layout for the Los Gatos Creek Trail to Highway 9 Trailhead Connector Project has been scheduled for Thursday, February 13th beginning at 6 PM in the Town Council Chambers. Town staff, with assistance from the design consultant Mott MacDonald Group, will provide an overview of the project and will solicit input from the community regarding the initial layout and potential bicycle/pedestrian bridge types. This will be the first community meeting for the project. Public notification for the meeting includes mailings to properties in the vicinity of the project, as well as postings on the Town’s website, and NextDoor. The Town’s Complete Streets and Transportation Commission will also be notified of the community meeting and will receive a similar briefing on the project at their February 13th Commission meeting. Using input from the community and commission meetings, the design consultant will prepare a revised design for the Council’s consideration at the March 3rd Town Council Meeting. Final design of the project is anticipated to be completed by the end of the year, with Caltrans approvals anticipated in early 2021. Funding for construction of the project has not yet been secured, however staff is actively pursuing funding opportunities, including the upcoming Measure B program.

Project Update 1/23/20:

On Thursday, 1/23 and Friday, 1/24, drilling contractors working for Mott MacDonald, the Town’s design consultant for the Los Gatos Creek Trail Connector Project, are scheduled to take two soil samples in the vicinity of Highway 9 and Los Gatos Creek. The first sample will be taken along the shoulder of eastbound Highway 9 and the second sample will be taken on the east side of the Los Gatos Creek Trail beneath the Highway 9 overpass. It is anticipated these borings may reach as deep as 100’ below existing grades. These samples will be used to gain geotechnical information necessary for design of the future bicycle and pedestrian trail connections between Highway 9 and Los Gatos Creek Trail. Work alongside the Los Gatos Creek Trail will not result in a closure of the creek trail, however, minor delays may occur as the drilling rig is escorted into and out of the drilling area. The drilling contractor will be posting advance warning signs for creek trail users and will provide safe access around the drilling equipment. An encroachment permit from Caltrans has been obtained in order to complete this work in the Caltrans right of way.

Los Gatos Creek Trail Connector to Hwy 9 Meeting Presentations

To view the location map in high resolution, please click the link below:

Bicycle & Pedestrian Master Plan 

Los Gatos Creek Trail Connector to Hwy 9 Consultant Services