Office of the Town Attorney

Welcome to the Office of the Town Attorney

The Town Attorney is appointed by the Town Council and is the legal advisor to the Town Council, Staff, and Successor Agency of the former Redevelopment Agency. In this capacity, the Office of the Town Attorney’s core services include:

  1. Providing legal advice and services to the Town Council, the Town’s officials, departments, employees, boards, and commissions.
  2. Rendering legal opinions; drafting and reviewing contracts, ordinances, resolutions, staff reports, and other documents as needed.
  3. Negotiating key transactions such as property acquisitions and advising on land use decisions.
  4. Representing the Town’s legal interests before judicial and administrative agencies; prosecuting violations of the Municipal Code in criminal court.
  5. Processing and evaluating all personal injury, property damage and other monetary claims against or on behalf of the Town.
  6. Managing all litigation involving the Town including supervising outside special counsel.
  7. Assisting in the administration of the Town’s liability insurance and risk management program.